arrow_back Case Study: Wool Solutions

Wool Solutions

Bringing British humor to traditional carpet manufacturing

Brand Positioning, Digital Marketing, Printed Collateral, Visual Identity, Voice & Messaging, Website

Wool Solutions specializes in high-quality wool carpets from top European manufacturers. As the Connecticut-based company shifted its business strategy, it needed a new identity that could speak more directly to its designer audience.

We designed a fun, sophisticated brand and helped bring it to life across digital and print.

The brief was simple: to create a brand that simultaneously conveys the heritage and quality of European manufacturing while injecting a little attitude to shake off the shackles of stodginess often associated with the double-edged sword of tradition.

First we created a fresh visual identity, inspired by a family crest, and then brought in fashion-inspired imagery to bring it to life across the new website and social media. The irreverent brand personality extended to punk rock sales collateral and the birth of a company mascot, Derek Crimp, (a small sheep with a big personality) who garnered almost 3,000 Instagram followers during his debut European vacation.

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