arrow_back Case Study: Royal Regency

Royal Regency

Fresh interiors and a controversial past inform a boutique hotel brand

Brand Positioning, Printed Collateral, Visual Identity, Website

The Royal Regency Hotel wanted to reposition its property to better compete with the new hotels coming into the changing landscape of Yonkers. With a multi-million dollar renovation underway, the hotel needed a brand transformation to elevate every guest and employee touchpoint.

The family-owned hotel is now commanding increased room and events revenue and enjoying a new reputation within the community.

There were several challenges. First, we needed to bring together three distinct identities and websites for the hotel, catering business, and restaurant/lounge. Second, we needed to keep the hotel’s original name yet overcome its reputation as a place that had hosted some unsavory business and characters in the past. And lastly, we needed to inspire the existing staff to operationalize the brand moving forward.

We created a usable brand that brought together Greek hospitality and American ingenuity, and developed a fresh design system to reflect its new boutique interiors. Through some tongue-in-cheek messaging, we were even able to turn the hotel’s past into an asset, speaking authentically to long-time locals.

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