arrow_back Case Study: Kingbird


An American farm-to-table restaurant with a French twist

Brand Guidelines, Brand Positioning, Printed Collateral, Visual Identity

How do you create a restaurant brand that can flex into casual and fine dining, feel American, speak French, and anchor the revitalization of one of the most infamous hotels in history?  We simply took pen to paper.

The Eastern Kingbird captured the dual character of the restaurant and provided an anthropomorphic inspiration for the visual identity. With a dark gray upper chest and a neat white tip to the tail, the Kingbird looks like he’s wearing a business suit. During the summer he goes solo after flying insects, but when he winters along the Amazon he has a completely different lifestyle: traveling with a flock and eating fruit. So is Kingbird restaurant —equally dapper and changing with the seasons.

To add some playfulness, we illustrated a character and even created some accessories for the little guy.

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